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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me~!
and happy birthday mama!!!

手越祐也の彼女@12:25 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, my ichibaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s nov. 11 in japan now…

お誕生日おめでとう手越祐也!!! ♥♥♥

it’s finally my ichiban’s special day! i hope you enjoy this once a year occasion with your loved ones. i’m not good with editing images/photoshop but i still tried, even if it means embarrassing myself *acck* just how much do i love you??

will go to KTV later to celebrate Tegoshi’s and Ryo’s (belated) b-days! and we’ll sing ‘umareta koto deaeta koto ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou. Tego no happy birthday ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi~’ :DD

手越祐也の彼女@11:20 PM

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday, Sexy Osaka Man a.k.a. Nishikido Ryo!!!
(well, it's November 3, 12:45am in Japan now :P)

we are again of the same age! though not for long -_-

手越祐也の彼女@11:42 PM

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yamapi's new pv is out! *spazzes*

i thought the girl was quite plain-looking though, and she looked sleepy at one point plus her outfit was a bit too short but all in all it was okay. it did have an american feel to it (which sometimes just doesn't feel so natural when applied to japanese artists). yamapi's so hot (despite the fact that i'm still not used to seeing him with the hoodie and sunglasses. i think he suits the good gentleman style more). anyways, she's damn lucky to be that close to him! i wonder if she's a fan...

speaking of yamapi, i've been singing 'loveless' since last night. i still haven't
memorized it yet but i'm having fun singing with the instrumental version :D

one of my favorite RyoTego moments. the look on Ryo’s face ♥_♥

i want to post my own favorite RyoTego moments in response to the posted topic but i still can't at the moment. i have to prepare the necessary pics, clips, and translations for it. it requires an amount of energy that i still don't have right now, hehe. but i definitely will join in, eventually :P

i wish this was a real movie. i would watch.

i want a room with this lamp. the green light and the stars are a perfect combination.

and i'm looking for a night light similar to this (changes colors)

started watching 'detective conan' again ^^

i was dling itteQ vids and ended up on newshfan’s post when she subbed a part of an episode. then when i read the higlights part of the post…

“Everyone discusses how Tegoshi’s hair looks worse than Festival Man’s hair. (How long is he going to keep his “ka-boom!” hair look for?!) Then Tegoshi tries out an unusual style of rowing they do in Myanmar.”

i cracked up when i read the ‘ka-boom!’ bit ROFL it does describe Tegoshi’s disaster of a hair perfectly LOL i do hope he gets the hint (from Massu constantly making fun of it in their concert mcs and now it being mentioned on itteQ) and changes his hairstyle SOON! which is why i keep missing the old Tegoshi when he still had his ‘black hair alliance’ with Ryo. or if that’s asking too much, just the kiss~kaerimichi hair would be fine.

that reminds me, i haven't been to newshfan's in months. i even wrote a memo about checking it .it comes right after my news_jpop updates and before my fic updates. so i guess i should get it started soon if i want to get a move on updating my fics as well. i hope my hd can still hold out until i have dled vids from newshfan (by that i meant my laptop not crashing until i have backed up files in cds).

i just finished watching a clip from itteQ where tegoshi displays his mad artistic skills again XDD

it's cute how tegoshi was drawing so seriously *glomps*

naturally, the people from itteQ made fun of his drawing, but surprisingly Tegoshi guessed the answer right! i would’ve answered wool as well, but i would've been wrong. sugoi Tegoshi~~ is it weird that i’m starting to like his drawings? (or am i just being blinded by love? LOL) i think they’re cute XD

my korean classmate told us this scary story years ago, involving
a cabin on the mountain on the exact details but it sure does sound a lot like it). at that time i really found the story really freaky (i mean, if i put myself in their shoes) *shudders*

手越祐也の彼女@11:14 PM

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the news is finally official concerning NEWS’ concerts in september! YAAAAAAAY~

no more bored faces XD

i’m so happy that they’re doing something together that i don’t even care what songs they sing (they can sing ‘cherish’ 10000000x and i won’t get tired of it) :D i wish i could go to the concert though…i hope a new single/album comes out. i’ll be sure to buy to make up for not being able to go to the concert *acck* that means additional stuff to save for! =_= daijoubu daijoubu~

i finally found this tegomass photoshopped pic! soooooo cute~

and another baby massu pic

he's still in diapers, so freaking cute!!! *glomps*

^and i don't know where the heck this is from. i wanna watch the video =_=

^LOL. yamapi's weider cm (that i only saw yesterday *fail*)

gah. i can't enjoy surfing bcoz of this stupid headache. i might have to sleep early today =_=

listened to some previews of yamapi's new songs, but still haven't listened to them enough to make my review (but i think i like 'flavor favor for you' the most despite the title :P)

and i love tegoshi's adoring-kouhai eyes :D RyoTego

手越祐也の彼女@11:09 PM

Monday, July 19, 2010

didn't do much today. just sorted my pictures, mp3s, and video files into folders before backing them up. trying to keep updated on news_jpop now since i just finished backlogging yesterday and i really don't wanna go through that anytime soon.

massu seems to be going to concerts a lot lately...

at a KAT-TUN concert: massu's shorts are too short! it feels to me like he’s a bit under-dressed esp when he came up to the stage XD but cute nonetheless. it made him look like a kid :D Massu said he’ll come to Ueda’s concert after Ueda said he’ll come to TegoMasu’s concert in Yoyogi. Nakamaru said he’ll come too. i really hope they both do, and together would be awesome too :D

THE BEST 'NEWS' I'VE HEARD IN AGES. first, Pi leaking info about future NEWS activities (in summer). then, in Koyama’s entry, he wrote:

Then, lately,
NEWS members started to gather!

Ne, it seems something will happen!

Let’s raise up our spirits!

then on his radioshow: seems like koyama just announced in his radio that they are having a concert in september. 9/19・20 at Kyocera and 9/25・26・27 at Tokyo dome.

pi and koyama dropping hints and now this. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ I’M SO HAPPY!!! finally a group activity! proof that they’re still alive :D

like what koyama said, i will raise up my spirit~!

tegoshi and shige talking about 'over' (the song they made, lyrics by tegoshi, music by shige) and how tegoshi wasn't much help since he just sang karaoke most of the time LOL but it's okay since it's thanks to tegoshi's voice that the song turned out nice :P if tegoshi and shige formed a unit, they'd be 'tegoshi shigeji' (thought up by tegoshi). i love tegoshige, they're like an niichan and otouto :D

i'm glad i found a subbed video of koyashige's perf of 'nami' on shounen club, along with some HSJ boys, and juniors. now i can finally memorize the song. i think this is my favorite koyashige song. i love their voices here, especially shige's. his manly voice really stands out here. and i love the lyrics as well.

finally watched yongseo episode 15: they went for a walk, then did some stretching and ended up playing badminton. they were also studying for the driver's license exam.

chocolate shaped like a keyboard *yum*

that just made me crave for 'twiggies' more:

i ate the last one earlier =_=

手越祐也の彼女@10:38 PM

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the 2nd friday is still tiring, if not more. and i almost lost my cool bcoz i thought the other party didn't honor our deal. i seriously thought i'd throw in the towel but i held my tongue. it's okay, i just need to get through 2 more fridays. besides, am i not doing this so i would have the money to pay for the kiss~kaerimichi le and the darekiss dvd? so i have to grin and bear it.

but mae and i were able to unwind a bit after work when we went to sm and ended up watching 'the sorcerer's apprentice'

good movie, action + comedy = win! i’ve been kind of tired with the supernatural movies recently, so this was like a breath of fresh air. love the cast, teresa palmer is really pretty. she’s like a blonde (and prettier) version of kristen stewart.

i finally finished 'the love of siam'. it was a nice movie, a bit sad towards the ending, only bcoz they didn't end up together, yet. but in a way i like it bcoz life doesn't always go the way we want, and it made the movie more realistic to me. but i personally usually sort of like things being not vague and open-ended. but all in all it's a good movie. it only didn't tackle the issue about homosexuality, but also about other things too, like coping with loss, and the internal family struggles. i also like the fact that there was no antagonist and that ying was even willing to give up mew bcoz she knew that he loves tong. for a moment there i thought ying and tong had developed feelings for each other. i'm relieved that they haven't. that would've made mew sad, ne...i really find both boys, mew and tong, cute. and their acting (esp pchy's) was pleasant (w/c made me wonder why it was mario who won the award in cinemanila). and i find ying pretty as the movie progressed. i thought the girl who played donut would have a more nicer role but i just found her boring in the end. she's not even that pretty imo. tong is better off with mew anyways :P

favorite parts:
-mew and his grandmother playing the piano
-i also like the song 'ticket' (day trip) which was used in the movie in the part where tong's family moved, leaving mew alone again, then it progressed to after years and they're both in high school.
-the first time mew slept on tong's arm (or chest?)
-mew and tong's kiss!!! *spazz* (it's the first time i didn't find a kiss between both sexes in a movie immoral but it was rather sweet instead. who am i kidding? it was hot but not in a freaky kind of way *flail*)

-when tong said 'i can't be with you as your bf, but it doesn't mean i don't love you' to mew
-the friendship formed between tong and ying (imagine 2 people who are considered to be rivals, and not actually feeling like they need to fight over mew)
-when ying got the doll's nose for tong to give to mew
-aex saying he supports mew as his bestfriend
-mew and tong are cute when they were kids and still cute when they were in high school. i really liked the people who played as them at both times. nice casting.
-the girl who played tang/june (i think she's the same girl in 4bia's last fright)
i'm only realizing how nice this movie hours after i saw it. i guess it's only starting to sink in now...

listened to KoyaMassu’s “guesting” on R-One KAT-TUN 2010/07/06. i can really imagine Koyama & Massu barging in on Nakamaru & Ueda, hehe. all the soccer talk, Tegoshi should’ve been with them XD i love how the other 3 were bullying Maru. MassuMaru friendship is ♥ i didn’t know Maru went to a TegoMass no uta concert!

tita evy just gave me a bunch of make-up and nail tips…eh??? i haven’t been wearing make-up since last december…don’t wanna use up all my precious shiseido liquid foundation, haha. and i’ve never used nail tips before and never wanted to try them :P

i thought i’ve gotten used to Massu’s weird taste in clothes by now…but what the hell happened here?! -_- you’re lucky you’re cute *sniff*

yay~ i’m finished dealing with my news_jpop backlogs! now i can move on to backing up files, dling subbed videos, and possibly update my fics. how i wish i could hear Massu singing ‘kesenai’ with his own made-up lyrics…i guess i might not have a choice but to buy the Tegomass no Ai dvd when it comes out. their concert this time seemed to have improved a lot in terms of the mc parts and that they’re not just all singing. their little cute moments are proving to be hardest to resist. so now i have the kiss~kaerimichi LE, DareKiss dvd, plus TegoMass no Ai dvd to save for. i feel like i’m working just so i can buy NEWS/TegoMass stuff. i feel like i’m a slave T.T

yamapi's kuchizuke de adios, my dear, flavor favor for you, one in a million pv previews.

finished watching 'coming soon'

uwaaaa~ that was pretty scary, 90 percent was due to her face. i can’t even look at it for a full minute *acck*

手越祐也の彼女@9:43 AM

Thursday, July 15, 2010

can't stop listening to the full version of 'be funky!' by NEWS. waaaaaaaaah i want a new single NOW T.T

back to backlogging
-i didn't know uchi went to tegomass' concert in yoyogi. too bad, only koyashige went up the stage...
-tegomass has 3 more concerts in yoyogi!
-koyama to work for the chocolate company meiji, to develop a new chocolate called meiji's kinoko no koyama chocolates waaaaaaaaaaaaaah
-tegomass on scp july 16, rerun july 20

heard yamapi's 'one in a million'. i like it! i especially love the intro. i feel like dancing but i’d rather not XD (LOL at yoko struggling with the pronounciation of the song title. hina spent a few moments teaching him the right way to do it, haha). great. now i can’t stop listening to ‘one in a million’. and i’m in trouble, there’s only 2 hours before my wake-up time, and i’m not even in bed yet, yabaaaai~ i’m dead at work later. i’ll stop myself right here, while i still can. at least i only have 8 more days worth of backlogs now, heehee. jya, oyaaaa~ (i hope yamapi won’t end up in my dreams, not that it’s a bad thing :P)

random trans:

RyoTego cuts from an old NEWS interview (i was missing Kusano then spotted RyoTego moments, hehe):

Masuda We do run a lot~
Koyama Pi, you seemed really tired from running!
Yamashita Eh, me? What are you talking about, I’m totally OK with it!
Kusano No way. Yamashita-kun, you always sweat so much during each concert (lol)
Uchi Ah, I know what you mean!
Koyama Pi normally never sweats.
Yamashita Yeah. I never do the activity of sweating during my normal daily life.
Kusano But sweating isn’t really an activity, it just happens naturally with no connection to your personal will (lol)
Nishikido But you know who does sweat normally is Tegoshi. When I touched his stomach earlier is was slightly damp (lol). Of course I then jokingly mocked him for it though (lol) (me: KYAAAAAAAA)
Tegoshi I won’t lie, that was my sweat.
Kato You don’t have to explain that, we know (lol)


Masuda I’ll do my best!
Nishikido Although personally I’d prefer you stop using keigo than try to be cool. Especially on the radio.
Masuda But I think I’d use keigo on the radio even if I was talking with Kusano.
Kusano Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to use keigo with me!
Nishikido Massu, you’re the type to really respects age, aren’t you. That summarizes everything.
Kato You wrapped that up fast~ (lol). But Tegoshi also uses keigo a lot, right?
Tegoshi That’s right!
Kusano What a fast reply (lol)
Tegoshi If I’m talking with a senpai I naturally find myself using keigo.
Nishikido But just like Massu, you don’t need to be using keigo during our MC.
Tegoshi Eh, so then what should I call you…?
Kato I think “Nishikido-kun” would be fine, like you always say (lol). Although it’d be interesting if Tegoshi suddenly stopped using any honorifics with Nishikido-kun’s name (lol)


Tegoshi Ah~ I was a bit hyper then. I started trying to do 4 jumps in a row after watching female ice skating on TV too. I could only do 2 in a row though…
Masuda You didn’t even do 2, you were only going half way around! And you ran into the wall too! (lol)
Kato And you were doing it in my room. You knocked down my lamp and messed up all my stuff. You were way too hyper!
Tegoshi I was just so excited to be with everyone~
Nishikido Tegoshi’s irresponsible.
Tegoshi Eh, what’d I do now?
Nishikido I told you to wake me up in the morning and gave you the key to my room but you didn’t come wake me up!
Tegoshi Ehh, yes I did!
Nishikido Really? In the morning?
Tegoshi I went to your room pretty early in the morning. I wake up 2 hours early so my voice will be ready to sing. I really went, I did!
Nishikido I don’t remember you coming to wake me up at all….
Uchi What do you mean you have to wake up 2 hours early?
Tegoshi I wake up 2 hours early because I heard that unless I do that my normal voice won’t come out when I sing, so I decided to try doing that for the days we have concerts. But I end up falling back asleep so there was no point (lol). So when I woke up early I went to your room and saw you sleeping, Nishikido-kun.
Nishikido And then?
Tegoshi You were sleeping really soundly. So after looking at your calm face I left and returned to my room. (me: maybe Tegoshi’s mind went blank and he forgot what he was supposed to do when he saw Ryo’s sleeping face *spazz*)
Kato Eh, then you didn’t even try to wake him up… (lol)
Tegoshi Yes, but… okay, sorry, it was my mistake!
Nishikido Just like I thought, you didn’t wake me up. I’m glad we cleared that up (lol)


and this one for Yamapi’s cuteness:

Kusano I don’t know. But I did a “one two!” with my fingers and then a “check” with my thumb and he was really happy. So I guess I got it right (lol). I’m happy when couples come. But stop and think about it. If you weren’t a Johnny and your girlfriend said “Let’s go to a Johnny’s concert together!” how would you feel?
Everyone Uuuu~mm.
Uchi That’s a hard question to answer.
Kusano I think if I went I’d be pretty jealous of the Johnny’s. You know the girl would just be staring at the stage. I’d think “Do you really like him that much?”…
Uchi Anyone would think that (lol)
Nishikido I think it depends on the idol they liked. There are some people I think I could just think “I can’t win against that guy” about and be OK with.
Yamashita I’d be jealous. How am I supposed to react if I went to hang out at her place and there were posters all over her room? (lol) I’d be totally jealous. So when your boyfriend comes over take most of your posters down, and you can put them back up after he leaves (lol). (me: aww, i didn’t know Pi could be that jealous *kyaaa*))

(credits: lifeisgoodtrans.wordpress)


For Valentine’s day, Tegoshi attempted to bake everyone in NEWS and the staff some cookies, and they came out tasting great but a little too hard. He describes his cookies as “tough love" (tegoshi, if you bake me cookies, i’d eat them all even if my teeth would hurt in the process XD)


NEWS Duet 2010.01 KoyaShige cut:

In this shoot they talked about summer (referring to the August 2009 issue). The reason that Koyama and Kato were the only ones with a crosstalk is because they both requested “Is it okay if we just talk together?” (aww, i love KoyaShige too!)


Which NEWS member are you similar to?(from fb)

i have to say my result was a surprise. from the way i answered, i absolutely had no idea who i would get, bcoz it was almost like an equal mix of everyone’s traits in NEWS, but then i got…

Tegoshi Yuya [Tesshi]

Breaking News! You are most similar to Tegoshi Yuya! 19% Get him! Wow! You’re lucky!
Tesshi is one of the most sunny members of the group. He greets each day with a “yoo-hoo~” and is a person full of confidence. Although his band mates consider him a bit spoiled, he is harmlessly self centered. Tesshi is a touchy person and loves giving and receiving hugs. He loves cute things and embellishes his locker with pictures, perfume, and mirrors. He also has a wonderful contagious smile. :) Tesshi is just a neat and colorful person! :)

uwaaa~ i still don’t think i’m like him at all *in denial*, even though we’re both blood type B :P

i wish i was the one holding the ice bag, or be the ice bag itself!

手越祐也の彼女@1:02 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ohayou~ i’m not normally up this early. kaloi woke me up grrrrr, so now i can’t go back to sleep -_- oh well, i have to go to mae’s anyway.

memorizing yamapi’s moonlight:

let me tell the story konna hot girl ga irunda
she’s drinking martini alone, situation’s good for me
uptown no bar de chotto, koiki ni kimete mitemo
hontou no sabishisa made wa kakuse wa shinai yo~
sekai wo teki ni shitemo mamoresou na ki ga suru
dare nimo watasanai yo, i wanna be a hero~

^love how the lyrics just rolls out of my mouth, great choice of words.

time flies so fast~

i wanna watch Cinco (july 14) and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (july 15)!

tegomass con goods:

ooh~ so our source was ordering from

tegoshi uchiwas and photoset (mae was shocked that there were only 4 photos in the photo set LOL)

mae with her tegoshi photos

posing with the uchiwa

my turn, with my uchiwa

and still mae's photos

the poses were mae's idea LOL addict much? XD

took more pictures when i got home (bcoz i was unsatisfied with my haggard look when mae and i took pictures):


just finished watching ‘Phobia 2’ with mae, and we both thought that story #5: ‘in the end’ rocks! i rarely come across a story with both horror and comedy that wasn’t overly done. it stars the same 4 guys who were in 4bia/Phobia’s story #3: ‘in the middle’ (which we also loved. we even watched the making even though we had absolutely no idea what they were saying LOL). i love the fact that no one was actually dead, well, at least not until the ending itself XD i also liked story #3 with 2 japanese hitchhikers (the japanese girl is really cute) and the cute thai guy (according to mae, hehe). i didn’t expect anything from this movie but i found myself really enjoying watching it :D

the only downside is that we have a hard time getting their names, too long -_-

story #3: backpackers
story #5: in the end (LOL these guys crack me up)

crushes or side drips accdg to mae and side dishes accdg to me LOL:

charlie trairat (he looks like a vampire here, hehe)

witawat singlampong

mario maurer

wanna watch seasons change, love of siam, and knowing me knowing you , plus the thai horrors the house and coming soon, buppha rahtree 3.1

seasons change: this seems like a fun movie. the guy looks like robbie domingo in this pic. the girl looks like bea alonzo in one picture and then erich gonzales in another, and then looks entirely different in other picures o.O (release date: august 19, 2010)

updating a month’s worth of backlogs on news_jpop. it made me sad to read that there are fans leaving the NEWS fandom because of the lack of group activities. then in a different entry, i read this:

A fan said “I was scared that NEWS hasn’t done any activities as a group since March.”

That is certainly true, although each member has been active, their last appearance as a group was in March. Also there has been no concerts
after their winter tour in 2009.

But, Yamapi relieved fans’ fears by telling them.
“I cherish NEWS, so please trust and wait for us. We will never do anything to betray you.”

i am getting worried too, but if Pi asks us to believe in them, then i’ll wait even if it’ll take years. i don’t think i’ll ever love any group as much as i love them. i mean, i did leave the korean fandom for them, something i never thought i would do. they are a part of my life now. NEWS forever~


omggg. didn’t know Ryo has this solo pv ('monologue') in kanjani8 *FAIL* he is seriously killing meeeee~ gah. why do his songs have such an effect on me? *weakening* i bet this has some deep meaning again, like his other solos. i’m still in love with ‘half down’ and ‘ordinary’ until now. i wonder if it’s angsty…

and his drama 'joker' airs today.

aww, even shige cares for tegoshi too…but tegoshi doesn’t seem to be receptive XD

perhaps tegoshi likes someone else ne :3

手越祐也の彼女@10:48 AM


you have stumbled upon my blog~ the chocoholic's refuge
feel free to wander around...
shout-outs are much appreciated :)
and one more thing,
this is my blog
if you don't like what you see
then GET LOST!
why are you here anyways?

all about moi

/lying in the gloom of my lonely room/ thinking of how to reach you, dreaming of having you/ i believe in dreams and i believe in miracles/ i believe that toy balloons can reach and touch the moon/

~ x o x o x o x o x ~

_me_moi_wo_na_atashi_ako_ _nadem janeo carpintero_ nadz_dem_tata_tatski_nadzkie_ korean: han jeonhee_ japanese: hamano ayumi_ 12/15/83_ cebu city, philippines_insomniac_ sagittarian_moody_dreamer_ 90% fangirl 10% unknown_ adik_dakilang tamad_ extremely short memory_ nocturnal_pessimist_OC_ clutter queen_ sucks at games/puzzles/sports_ gets bored easily_paranoid_ uberjealous_hae's ex-wife_


>NewS 大好き!!!
>johnny depp
>tegoshi yuya
>purple and green
>chocolates, coffee, cheese
>kpop, jpop, cpop, opm classics, oldies
>horror flicks
>great danes, rottweilers, yorkies, dachshunds, schnauzers
>halloween & christmas
>eeyore & doraemon
>noona songs
>potatoes & buttered toast
>paper & pens
>susan baker tea
>my lola's leche flan
>sleep overs
>ice cream sandwiches
>tumblers & coasters
>road trips
>picture books
>paisley & velvet
>candied fruits
>old wives' tales
>mang ambo by larry alcala
>pugad baboy by pmjr
>NewS' Never Ending Wonderful Story dvd
>G3-my partners in crime!


>worms, maggots, caterpillars, etc.
>rainy days and mondays
>cigarette smoke
>frying fish
>household chores
>my sensitive nose -_-
>two-faced ppl
>spicy food
>being pressured
>crappy service
>crowded places
>too much drama
>sad endings
>monthly periods
>chain letters
>exclusivity and all that shit
>backbiters and rumor-mongers
>being binbou -_-
>my full name
>my brother XP
>delusional fangirls
>unwanted admirers/suitors/textmates (GRRRR!)
>Tegoshi and RyoTego haters


>'MEMOIRS' philippine release
>TegoMass concert dvd
>a Coraline doll
>harry potter and the deathly hallows
>a series of unfortunate events (complete)
>more neil gaiman books
>the adventures of tin-tin
>my own dika
>new celphone
>jenga and twister games
>revel bars!!! *drools*
>body shop's olive oil
>maltese or yorkie
>electronic dictionary
>the nightmare before christmas merchandise
>JE merchandise
>lose weight overnight
>mole under left eye
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